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Morning Kick (FAQ)


Do You Take Reservations?

No. We do not accept reservations. We are a "Fast Casual" restaurant offering first-come first-serve dine-in seating and take-out options.
We have indoor and outdoor seating. We always try to accommodate larger parties, so feel free to give us a call and we will do our best to accommodate your party.

Do You Offer Alcoholic Beverages?

No. Not at this time. Liquor License Coming Soon!

Do You Have High Chairs?

Yes, we have 2 high chairs available. First Come First Serve.

How Do I Place An Online Order?

Head to our online ordering page... You can place your order for pickup and you will see how far out the order is booked. We try our best to get everything out on time, but we may run a little behind on larger orders. Thank you for your patience.

Do You Cater?

Yes, we do. We offer drop-off and pick-up catering. All pricing depends on quantity and items. We can give you a custom quote. Contact us for more details on catering.

Do You Accept Phone Orders?

Yes, we do. We only accept phone orders during the weekdays and off-peak hours on the weekends. The weekend peak hours are 9am to noon, and we cannot accept phone orders during this time. This is so we can accommodate walk-in orders efficiently. Always feel free to call us if you need assistance.
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